Welcome to Denton!

The Department of Technical Communication at the University of North Texas is excited to welcome CPTSC to Denton, Texas. Denton is a friendly, vibrant town with a personality all its own just 45 minutes north of Dallas and Fort Worth. 

UNT Admin Building


Founded in 1974, the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication brings together program administrators and faculty from across the United States and increasingly from abroad. The organizational goals are to

  • promote programs in technical, professional,  and scientific communication
  • promote research in technical, professional,  and scientific communication
  • develop opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information concerning programs, research, and career opportunities
  • assist in the development and evaluation of new programs in technical, professional,  and scientific communication, if requested
  • promote exchange of information between this organization and interested parties




#CPTSC2020 call for proposals is live!

Y’all, this year’s conference theme is “Envisioning Tech Comm Programs in a New Decade,” and we are going to be exploring how challenges in higher ed affect the administration of technical and scientific communication programs. These challenges, with which administrators are all too familiar, include: Retaining students and instructors Teaching in shorter terms Managing larger …