Administrators’ Roundtable

2020 CPTSC Administrator’s Roundtable

Friday, October 2

2:00-2:50 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)


The CPTSC Administrator’s Roundtable is an informal conversation with program directors and administrators in which we discuss issues directly related to program administration. All CPTSC members are welcome to attend. Each year’s discussion has a theme. This year, our theme relates directly to the 2020 Special Event on managing crisis, specifically the decreasing enrollments and state budgets, the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, ensuring Black lives matter, and addressing systemic racism to make programs more inclusive. The overarching questions we seek to answer are “what do programs need to do?” and “how do we support students and faculty?”

On Friday, October 2, we will hold a Zoom session with rooms that address one of three themes: (1) financial crises, (2) COVID-19 crises, and (3) social justice crises. Participants can select which discussion they would like to join. Following the three room discussions, we will come together for a large group discussion.

Room 1

Financial crises: Decreasing enrollments and state budgets

  • What setbacks or warning signs might our programs experience?
  • What can programs learn from 2008 on that may apply to today?
  • How can we best position our programs to articulate their value and agency?
  • What can make programs more valuable or resilient?

Room 2

COVID-19 crises: Impact of pandemic 

  • What COVID-19 challenges have our programs experienced?
  • How might we best support students during COVID-19?
  • How might we best support faculty during COVID-19?
  • What opportunities does COVID-19 present to our programs?

Room 3

Social Justice crises: Making programs more inclusive

  • How do we acknowledge systemic racism and its impacts on our programs?
  • What plans might we make to address systemic racism through and in our programs?
  • How do we change our programs to adopt antiracist curricula?
  • How can we make our programs more inclusive?